Solution Overview

uMobility Lets You Answer Your Office Phone from Your Cell Phone – Anytime, Anywhere!

Today, practically everyone is using their cell phone at the office and at home - despite the drawbacks of dealing with the weak cellular signal often experienced inside a building.

Varaha’s solution, uMobility, works with today’s most popular business telephone systems to let you make/receive office phone calls directly from your cell phone, while seamlessly roaming between enterprise and cellular networks.

Enjoy the convenience of making and receiving office calls anytime, anywhere: at home, at the airport or at the coffee shop !



  • User Benefits
  • Enterprise Benefits
  • Service Providers Benefits
  • Never miss a call when you step away from your desk
  • Replaces the weak and unreliable cellular signal experienced inside a building with the stronger and more reliable in-building Wi-Fi signal so you’ll enjoy solid cell phone coverage in the office or home
  • Maintain an “in office” appearance when you are out of the office with complete privacy
  • Reduces cell phone plan expenses
  • Captures all cell phone calls on office telephone system logs
  • Eliminates “phone tag” and increases employee productivity
  • Lets you win the "Battle for the Building" by letting your subscribers use their cell phone at the office or home while keeping all talk minutes on your network
  • Better speed and coverage enables enhanced content delivery and there by increasing customer loyalty and ARPU while reducing churn
  • Eliminates the expense of either premise-based VOIP hardware such as ATAs and/or IP phones or additional base stations

Find your Device

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